What is Data Privacy?

Asked 13-Feb-2020
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What is Data Privacy?

Data Privacy has always been important because people always put locks on office files cabinets, lockers at their banks or almirahs at home. But as more of our data becomes digitised, and we share more information online,data privacy is taking on greater importance. Data Privacy deals in handling of how a piece of information or data should be secured based on its relative importance.

In the digital era, we typically apply the concept of data privacy to critical personal information (personally identifiable information). This can include Aadhar numbers, PAN number, bank account, and credit/debit card numbers and even basic, but still sensitive, information such as full names, addresses and birth dates.  

For a business, data privacy goes beyond this - biometric of its employees and customers. It includes the information that helps the company operate, it's proprietary research and development data or financial information or it's spending and investments. Cloud backup is becoming more prevalent. Now additional protection has become necessary for even Backup data.

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