What is the Log Shipping?

Asked 06-Dec-2019
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The SQL Server Log shipping provides a DR (disaster recovery) solution for the SQL Server databases and it can be configured at the database level. Into the specific time-gap, SQL Server Transaction Log backup will be taken and copied to the destination site and will be restored. That complete activity or solution will be done by SQL Server job and each step is configured by the user. A learner may confront the difficulties in a couple of steps or while troubleshooting but for the experienced user, This is too easy to set up and handle the SQL Server log shipping set up errors. The Transaction logs contain a log of all the transactions happening in a SQL Server database.

In Other Word

Where the SQL-Server log shipping is a technique which involves two or more SQL Server instances and copying of a transaction log file from one SQL Server instance to another. That is the process of transferring the transaction log files and restoring is automated across the SQL Servers. According the process result there are two copies of the data on two separate locations.

What is the Log Shipping?