What is the SQL Server Agent?

Asked 06-Dec-2019
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The SQL Server Agent is a Microsoft SQL Server component that schedules jobs and does other automated functions.  It runs as a Windows service and can be started manually or automatically when the system boots up.

Schedule maintenance plans manage Reporting Services subscriptions, and perform log shipping sub-tasks are all common system tasks (backup, copy, restore & check). User chores like scheduling T-SQL or command-line statements are also popular.

SQLAgent supports operators and alarms, allowing administrators to be warned through email, for example.

SQL Server Agent stores job information in SQL Server. One or more job steps can be found in a job. Each phase has its own set of tasks, such as backing up a database.

SQL Server Agent can conduct a task on-demand, on a schedule, or in reaction to a specific event. You can automate tasks like backing up all of the corporate servers every weekday after hours, for example. Monday through Friday, set the backup to run after 22:00. SQL Server Agent can record and warn you if the backup encounters a problem.

SQL Server Agent is a Microsoft Windows service that runs SQL Server jobs, which are scheduled administration activities.

An operator specifies the contact details for a person who is responsible for the upkeep of one or more SQL Server instances. Operator tasks are given to one person in some businesses. Many people can share operator responsibilities in businesses with multiple servers. An operator does not define a security principle and does not contain security information.