Define What Is The Fat Of Whale Called?

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Blubber is a solid layer of fat, also termed adipose tissue, straight below the surface of all marine mammals. Blubber comprises the whole body of mammals such as seals, whales, & walruses — besides for their fins, flippers, and flukes.

 Define What Is The Fat Of Whale Called?

Blubber an essential component of a marine mammal's shape. It stores power, isolates heat, and enhances buoyancy.


Storing Energy

Energy is collected in the solid, oily coating of blubber. The heat stored in blubber involves both proteins and fats. The capability of blubber to utilize these collected nutrients involves marine mammals are not attacked to hunt for meat for a prolonged period of time. 


Blubber also covers marine mammals or assists to keep them heated in icy sea waters. This padding is required. 

Define What Is The Fat Of Whale Called?


Ultimately, blubber supports marine mammals to stay buoyant, or swim. Blubber is usually less compact than the seawater encompassing it, so creatures generally float.