Which is the largest cotton growing State in India?

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Which is the largest cotton growing State in India?

Cotton is a cash crop. It is a member of the Malvaceae family. There are 2 varieties of this in the world. The first is known as indigenous cotton (Gossypium arboretum) and (Ga; herbarium) and the second is known as American cotton (Ga, Hirsutum) and (Barvedens). Cotton is prepared from this, which is called white gold. Cotton plants are multi-year, brood-like trees with a length of 2–7 feet.

Cotton is cultivated on approximately 9.4 million hectares of land in India. In each of its hectares, 2 million tonnes of cotton stalks exist as waste. The mention of cotton is found in the Rig Veda which shows that the knowledge of Indians to make cotton from cotton is from ancient times.

Gujarat is the largest cotton crop grown in India. After this comes the number of Maharashtra, West Bengal etc. In the year 2019, Maharashtra became the highest cotton-growing state.