What is single-use plastic and why is it being banned?

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The single-use plastic ban is expected to cover six single-use plastic items initially including plastic bags, straws, cups, plates, small bottles and certain types of sachets.

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Single-use plastics are plastic items that are discarded after one use. They create a problem of being clogged in the drains, seas, oceans, and also in the food pipe of animals. The biggest issue with them is they cannot be reused.

The sustainable development theory suggests that we should use sustainable items which could be reduced, reused, and recycled in the environment. Single-use plastics hamper this approach.
Also, using them might be cost-friendly but it vents hard in the environment.

That’s why single-use plastics such as cutlery, plates, drinks-stirrers, and expanded polystyrene have been banned from sale in Victoria by 2023.

What is single-use plastic and why is it being banned?

Why have they been banned?

• Form one-third of the litter in streets and waterways.
• Costly to clean and difficult to recycle.
• Used only once, but affect the environment for a long time.
• Break into microplastics which contaminate the food and water.

In which sector the ban has been exempted?

• Medical or scientific equipment agencies.
• Emergency management services
• People who require such plastics due to disability and safety.