What is the national sport of Japan?

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“Sumo Wrestling” is the National Sport of Japan.

What is the national sport of Japan?

Sports is a very significant part of Japanese Culture. There are numerous famous sports played in Japan, which includes both Traditional and Western sports. Sumo Wrestling and Martial Arts are the traditional sport of Japan, in which Sumo is given the status of national sport.

Apart from traditional sports, other famous sports in Japan are Baseball, Football, Skating, Rugby, Golf, Racing, and other sports as well.

‘Sumo’ is often termed as “Kokugi”. Interestingly ‘Sumo’ is not officially declared as the National Sport. However, its other name ‘kokugi’ in numerous dictionaries explains its meaning as the National Sport. Sumo is just like ‘Judo’, and is acknowledged as one of the 10 officially recognized ‘budo’ (Japanese Martial Arts). Sumo is listed on the Budo Charter, which was established in the year 1987.

Locally, the sumo wrestlers are known as ‘Rikishi’. Each opponent tries to force others out of the ring. Sumo is considered as the form of modern martial arts and originates in Japan only. The sport is maintained and promoted by the ‘Japan Sumo Association’.

All the professional Sumo Wrestlers are the part of “heya”. ‘Heya’ is an organization where Sumo wrestlers used to live and train, along with their daily meals and required supervision. A sumo bout normally consists of a single round which might last from few seconds to several minutes. It is totally up to the sumo, how long each can last inside the ring and standing.