After India's Independence, the first state organized on the basis of language age is?

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After Indias Independence the first state organized on the basis of language age is

Andhra is the principal state-shaped on phonetic premise in autonomous India. It is with the penance of Sree Potti Sreeramulu, Andhra appeared. Not just Andhra, numerous conditions of India shaped thus.

Odisha is the primary area framed based on language in British India. After 1900 there were requests for the etymological revamping of regions in British India. Congress appeased the greater part of them saying that the primary point of accomplishing opportunity may be undermined. Just Odisha proceeded with the interest.  
Post freedom, when congress didn't keep its an assertion, Andhra individuals decided in favor of the socialist faction . Be that as it may, Rajagopalachari played a similar grimy hotel governmental issues you see nowadays and he got congress to control Madras administration, of which Andhra was then important for. Sold out, Potti Sreeramulu began the satyagraha and he abstained for 58 days to his demise. Entire Andhra ejected in dissent and Nehru yielded at long last.
Andhra isn't only the primary phonetic state yet additionally the motivation for the etymological revamping of the whole Nation.