Which state government sets up a Skill University with a cost of 850 crores?

Asked 20-Jun-2019
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‘Assam’ State Government has proposed to set up a Skill University. This institute will be first of its kind in the country.

Which state government sets up a Skill University with a cost of 850 crores?

The Skill University will be constructed at ‘Darang’ city of Assam worth estimated cost of Rs. 850 Crores. The total capacity of the University will be of 10,000 seats. Under the Skill Development Mission of India, this institute has been proposed to provide a guided way of enhancing the skills of the young talent and help them to grab each and every opportunity in order to fetch a good job for them.

The Director of Assam Skill Development Mission, A.P. Tiwari, has said that the admission test in the Skill University for the first batch of the North East Skill Centre has been taken place on 30th of June. In the Institute the 80 percent seats will be reserved for natives of Assam and rest 20 percent seats are reserved for the other North-Eastern states.

This will be a major opportunity for the unemployed youths of the State to grab a skill based job in various fields. The Chief Minister of Assam urged with the Union Minister to set up a center of National Skill Training Institute (NSTI) in the state so that trainers of ITIs in the state could be provided quality training in their state only. However, in the absence of such an Institute, the learned trainers need to move Kolkata for receiving their training in order to skill development.

As the low quality of construction work carried out by these unskilled contractors and the resultant is the dilapidation of these public infrastructureslike roads, bridges, buildings, etc. within a short period.