Garampani Sanctuary is located in which part of India?

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‘Garampani Sanctuary’ is located in small town naming it as Garampani, in Golaghat district of Assam. It is one of the oldest sanctuaries in Assam.

Garampani Sanctuary is located in which part of India?

Garampani Sanctuary is located near ‘Kaziranga National Park’ above 117 meters of the sea level. Another tourist attraction is ‘Kulpi Dam’ near the sanctuary. The sanctuary got its name due to the presence of Hot Water Springs.

Garampani Sanctuary is a home for Hoolock Gibbons and Golden Langurs. The sanctuary covers the total area of 6 sq. km. and had a rich bio-diversity. Its rich-biodiversity includes the presence of rare and endangered flora and fauna. It is surrounded by ‘Nambor Sanctuary’ which supports the 51 rare species of Orchid. The Garampani Sanctuary has a Hanging Bridge as well for the tourist attraction.

Garampani Sanctuary is located in which part of India?

The sanctuary supports the habitat to a great variety of Birds and Wild Animals. It includes Tiger, Leopard, Leopard Car, Clouded Leopard, Sambar, Deer, Asian Elephant, Gibbon, Langur, Pig Tailed Macaque, Indian Fox, Mongoose, and many other wild animals as well. Reptiles in the sanctuary include Cobra, Python, Monitor Lizard, and other amphibians too.

The birds founded in the sanctuary are Kaleej Pheasant, Species of Hornbills, and varieties of Pigeons, different species of Myna, Parakeet, Dove, Eagle, Kingfisher, Woodpecker, Owls, and many other birds of different varieties.