Names of 3 exercise of IAF.

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The Famous three exercises conducted by Indian Air Force regularly are
Exercise DESERT EAGLE: ‘Desert Eagle’ is the 10 days bilateral air combat exercise between the Indian Air Force (IAF) and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The bilateral air combat exercise facilitates the forces towards mission planning and execution in a simulated high threat combat environment, apart from building conviviality with friendly Air Forces of India and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
Names of 3 exercise of IAF
Exercise RED FLAG: Red Flag is two weeks of an advanced aerial combat training exercise. Each year four to six red flag exercise is conducted in the Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada. Only countries considered friendly towards the United States and NATO take part in Red Flag exercises. India has participated twice in 2008 and 2016.
Names of 3 exercise of IAF
Exercise INDRADHANUSH: INDRADHANUSH is a bilateral exercise held between Indian Air Force (India) and Royal Air Force of UK. This exercise is initiated in 2006 to understand the operations of air forces via close interaction and mutual sharing.
Names of 3 exercise of IAF