Which fuel is used in aircraft?

Asked 13-Mar-2019
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Fuels which are used in Aircraft are called Aviation Fuel. They are mainly of two types: Petroleum based or Petroleum and synthetic based.

They have requirements like heating and enhancing or maintaining properties important to fuel performance. Thus, different types of aircrafts use the aviation fuel which are best suited for them:

  • Gas turbine aircraft use- Kerosene based fuel.
  • Aircraft with Piston engine use- Gasoline
  • Aircraft with diesel engine use- Jet fuel.

Over the development of time, there have been many advancements in the usage of Aviation fuels.

  • Conventional fuels- the fuels which were used conventionally/ traditionally over a very long period of time are Jet fuel and Avgas.
  • Alternatives which have newly emerged- advancements have been made in the direction of using Biofuel and CNG/LPG as aviation fuels now.