What is Unobtrusive AJAX?

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What is Unobtrusive AJAX?

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The idea behind Unobtrusive AJAX is that AJAX behavior is attached to form and anchor elements via HTML5 data-* attributes, instead of binding click event handlers in script blocks. Into the old MVC, these properties can be generated from Html helpers: Ajax.BeginForm and Ajax.ActionLink and then setting some AjaxOptions. Those particular helpers are not available in ASP.NET Core, but you can add the custom attributes directly to tag helpers instead.
In another word, we know that Ajax is a lightweight technology (like jquery) and its allow web pages to exchange data asynchronously with the server in order to update specific portions of the page rather reloading its entire content. It will enhance the responsiveness and performance of the web applications. In ASP.NET MVC affords multiple approaches to implement this behavior by requesting or submitting data to partial pages. Into this article, we will talk about two approaches to accomplish: Unobstrusive Ajax and JQuery Ajax.
What is Unobtrusive AJAX?
What is Unobtrusive AJAX?
What is Unobtrusive AJAX?