What happened after South Carolina seceded in 1860?

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Seven states voted to leave the Union (South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, etc). The Morrill tariff was named after the discriminatory tariffs that the Lincoln Administration sought to levy (Southern states paying over 80% of taxes despite representing only 30% of the people). Because Abraham Lincoln required funds for his intercontinental railway plan, a law was enacted in 1862 to implement its development during a war.

Slavery was cited as the primary cause, however, Abraham Lincoln stated expressly in his announcement speech that he'd never outlaw slavery. Moreover, 94 % did not own slaves, indicating that slavery was not the cause of the war. The whole South joined together shortly after the Northern Aggression in Fort Sumter on April 12th, 1861. However several enslaved republics remained loyal to the Union (West Virginia, Kentucky, Missouri, New Jersey, and Maryland, seceded from Virginia.)