How to fix iTunes error 1671 on Apple iPhone 7 Plus?

Asked 21-Oct-2018
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Disabling security software or a firewall for a short period of time will help you determine whether or not it is causing the iTunes error 9. If the issue goes away after that, it suggests that something has to be done with your security software or firewall settings to allow your iPhone to access iTunes or the computer system without limitation. Check the degree of permission provided by the computer to any associated external devices or storage media. Again, when you connect your iPhone to the computer, it's conceivable that the system is placing certain limits on your iPhone for security reasons. If you're not sure which settings or choices to set up, another alternative is to temporarily disable the firewall or security software on the computer while attempting to use iTunes to upgrade or restore your iOS device. When you're finished, In any case, you can just re-enable it.

Reboot the iPhone after reconfiguring the firewall or security settings, and then reconnect your iPhone to retry the iOS update or restoration with iTunes.