How to set up Find My iPhone on your iPhone 8 Plus

Asked 18-Oct-2018
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You're ready to set up the anti-theft software on your new iPhone after you've downloaded and installed it. The instructions below will show you how to:

  1. Go to Settings->[your name]-> iCloud or Settings->iCloud from the Home screen. (Note: Menu selections may differ based on the iOS version installed on your iPhone.)
  2. To find your iPhone, go to the bottom of the screen and hit Find My iPhone.
  3. To switch on or off Find My iPhone, press the On/Off button.
  4. Enable the Send Last Location option, since this information will be useful in locating your iPhone if it is ever misplaced.
  5. To sign in, enter your Apple ID if requested.
After you have set up Find My iPhone, any paired iOS devices with your iPhone 8 Plus-like Apple Watch and AirPods are also set up automatically.