What to do if your iPhone X is overheating?

Asked 15-Oct-2018
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Going to the battery consumption information can help you figure out which of your applications is consuming the most battery life on your iPhone X, as this app may also be causing your smartphone to overheat. Complex applications that aren't actually needed should be uninstalled since they waste a lot of power and may cause your iPhone processor to overwork.

  • To do so, navigate to the Settings->Battery->Battery Use menu and look at the battery usage data for each program. Uninstall the app that uses a lot of battery power if at all feasible.
  • Tap and hold any icon on the Home screen for a few seconds to remove it. Find the program you want to delete when the app icons start to jitter, then tap the X in the corner of the app icon. Finally, press the Delete button to finalize the operation.