What is tolerance and intolerance ?

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Tolerance is considered to be a good quality of a person and it is also very necessary for the creation of a healthy society. Whereas, intolerance leads to a destruction of a person or society towards destruction. If we look at history and mythology, then we will look at the terrible acts of synchronousness. People cannot tolerate the importance of their closeness in the eyes of an ordinary person like an effective person, which encourages the feeling of irritation. 

What is tolerance and intolerance ?

The work of another historical intolerance was done by Aurangzeb, who killed many Hindu people under the feet of elephants, by which they developed intolerance against Hindutva etc. Some people fight each other because they cannot tolerate each other's behaviors, beliefs, and practices. An intolerant person is unable to make the right decision for a person because he does not listen to anyone else's ideas because of being intolerant.

Intolerance is a misdemeanor, which leads a person, society, or country towards growth (escalation). On the other hand, the tolerant person lives inequality with the people of different caste, religion, ideas, and practices. Tolerance is the power that makes a person eligible to judge by hearing and understanding the different views of others.
Democratic countries keep tolerance as an essential quality. Being tolerant, it helps in tolerating bad conditions in the surrounding areas. The habit of tolerance is the personal culture of every citizen of India. Tolerance is an essential quality of painless life. India is a democratic and developing country, where the habit of tolerance develops through the guidance of its elders from its infancy, it is rare to see intolerance in India.

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