How to rearrange stocks in your Watchlist

Asked 08-Oct-2018
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  • To easily see price, daily price and percentage changes, and market capitalization values, add the stocks you follow to your watchlist.
  • Enter a stock symbol, company name, fund name, or index in the search field to add a symbol to your watchlist. Tap the symbol you wish to add in the search results, then tap Add or Add to Watchlist. Alternatively, tap the More button, then Edit Watchlist, then repeat the steps.
  • To remove a symbol from your watchlist, swipe left on it, then hit the Trash button. Alternatively, press the More button, then Edit Watchlist, then Delete next to the symbol, then Trash.
  • Touch and hold a symbol in your watchlist to reorder it, then drag it to a new location. Alternatively, press More, Edit Watchlist, touch and hold the Reorder button, then drag the symbol to a new position.
  • Show currency: Tap More, then Show Currency to see the currency in which the symbol is exchanged (iOS 15.2 or later).

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