How To Transfer Files From Mac Powerbook To External Hard Drive?

Asked 18-Sep-2018
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How To Transfer Files From Mac Powerbook To External Hard Drive?

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1. Connect an external hard drive to the computer via a USB connection, then wait for the device's icon to display on the Desktop. To access the disc window, double-click the external hard drive's icon. External drives compatible with Mac OS X are ready to use by default as soon as they are connected; however, if your drive does not appear on the desktop, see the handbook for setup instructions for that specific model.

2 On the Desktop, click 'Finder' to open a new Finder window, and then locate the files you want to transfer to the external hard drive.

3 Drag and drop each of the files you wish to backup from your system from their original place on your hard drive to the external hard drive. drive's disk window. To organize content in folders, click the drop-down menu on the external hard drive's window and select 'New Folder' to create a new folder: for regular backups, it's useful to store content by date of the backup.
4. Once all data have been successfully transferred to the external hard drive, close the disc window. Before closing the window, double-check that no files are still being sent. To securely eject the hard disc, drag its icon from the Desktop to the Trash bin.