How google was created?

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The World's Most Popular Search Engine Google was made by Sergey Brin and Larry Page on September 4, 1998. In the first place, it was Googol, which implies 100 behind 100. Also, as a result of the spelling botch, its name moved toward becoming Google. Sergey Brin (Soviet-conceived PC researcher) and Larry Page (American PC researcher) both met in 1995 at Stanford University.
How google was created?

Larry Page did the school training at East Lansing High School. Larry Page did the PC designing college of Michigan and furthermore took a qualification in Bachelor of Science. Larry Page accomplished ace of a degree in software engineering at Stanford University Larry Page was so appended to the machine that he made the inkjet printer machine in the school. The present Larry Page has gotten a lot of remunerations. Larry Page has endeavored to make his google organization which is presently the world's best organization.

After this, the two began making a PC program about the web crawler in January 1996, which was named "Backrub". After that, he began taking a shot at Google. Be that as it may, he didn't have the cash to get a permit for Google.
How google was created?
After this, he again completed a ton of work on Google and improved it even, after which he ran with his demo and went to Andy Bechtolsheim, who is a fellow benefactor of Sun Microsystems Company. Andy Bechtolsheim gave a check of $ 1,00,000 in the wake of seeing the demo. Around then Google used to just inquiry 10,000 questions. At that point in 2000 Google was made in 10 dialects. Consistently 2095 million ventures are done on Google, i.e. in excess of 60,000 hunts are done on Google every second.

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