What is Malware? and How Malware Works ?

Asked 11-Sep-2018
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Malware is any harmful software that interrupts the working of the electronic system by manipulating or disrupting the normal functioning of the system. Any device that has computing capabilities could be affected by this type of software.

It works in the following ways:

• By self-replicating itself in different parts of the system
• Installing those applications or links that would slow down the working of the system
• Blocking the access to files or the system
• Forcing the user to make payment to access his system
• Ad bombardment
• Breaking system components
• By claiming to convert files, unzip files, or through caller ID.

Malware could be triggered by a user’s click, link, or pop-up. It initiates to make unauthorized changes in the system like monitoring user behavior, displaying pop-ups, changing search engine results, adding icons to a desktop, or redirecting popular sites.

Some types of malware are:

• Virus
• Trojan horse
• Spyware
• Logic bombs