When and who invented the Hovercraft?

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‘Hovercraft’ is invented by an English inventor “Christopher Sydney Cockerell” in the year 1952. By profession, he was a ‘Mechanical Engineer’.

When and who invented the Hovercraft?
Hovercraft is an Air-Cushion Vehicle (ACV) which travels over land, water, mud, ice, and many other surfaces. It uses an air blower to produce a huge amount of air, due to which move forward and with little above the surface. Just to maintain the stability of the Hovercraft, the air has been blown through the slots or holes around the outside of the disk or oval-shaped platform of the Hovercraft.
Now, the hovercraft is used worldwide as a special transport in Disaster Relief, Coast Guard, Military, Sorts, and passenger service. As well as, other are used in military services like transport tanks, soldier, and large equipment in a bad environment and terrain. The hovercraft has one or more engines. One engine is used to rotate the fan and generate the air pressure such that craft moves over the surface. One or more engine is used to create thrust, just to move the craft in the desired direction.
Christopher Sydney Cockerell is best known for his invention of Hovercraft. He was born on June 4, 1910, in Cambridge, United Kingdom. He invented the Hovercraft during his working tenure at the ‘Thornycroft’ Company. His hypothesis was found to have potential, but it took some time to complete his work and put it into the working module. After that, he made the various improvement to the hovercraft, as well as invented various other applications over the air cushion principle. Then after a short illness, he died at ‘Hythe’ Hampshire, on June 1, 1999.
During his work life, he received many awards like, ‘Fellow of the Royal Society Award’, Elmer A. Sperry Award’. After that, he received two medals in the year 1966 i.e. ‘Royal Medal’ and ‘Albert Medal’.