When and who invented the Electric Battery?

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‘Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta’ invented Electric Cell in 1799. He was an Italian Physicist and Chemist, and an explorer of Power and Electricity.

When and who invented the Electric Battery?

Alessandro Volta is the scientist who earned the opportunity and discoverer of Methane as well as the inventor of Electric Cell. He gets success in inventing Electric Cell in 1799 and reported the result of his experiment in 1800 to the President of Royal Society. With this successful experiment, he proved that electricity can be generated chemically and false the previous theory that electricity can only be generated by living beings. With this experiment, he motivated many scientists to try their hands in this type of inventions, and this led to the development of the field of ‘Electrochemistry’.
For this invention, he was invited by ‘Napoleon Bonaparte’ to ‘The Institute of France’, such as, to explain his invention to the members of the Institute. After this, he received various honors from Emperor Napoleon. Alessandro Voltas Successful experiment was the first continuous and reproducible source of electric current. Eventually, it became an important step in the study of electromagnetism and in the development of electrical equipment. He shared his learning with students for almost 40 years while holding the post of Experimental Physics at the ‘University of Pavia’, and he was immensely idolized by his students.
He received various honors in his life. In 1794, he received ‘Copley Medal'. Then, he received ‘The Legion of Honor’ which is termed as the highest French order of merit for military and civil merit. After that, he received the ‘Order of the Iron Crown’ by the king Napoleon Bonaparte. His immense and most valuable contribution in Electrochemistry has been acknowledged and after his death in the name of his honor the S.I. unit of ‘Electric Potential’ is named as “Volt”.