When and who invented the Airplane?

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The Airplane was invented by “Wright Brothers” namely ‘Orville Wright’ and ‘Wilbur Wright’, on December 17, 1903.When and who invented the Airplane?

Orville and Wilbur were brothers who were having the Nationality of America.Both were the pioneer in aviation who was responsible for inventing, building, and flying the most successful airplane in the World. Firstly, they introduced the concept in public on December 17, 1903, at Kitty Hawk in North Carolina. Later, in 1904-05, Wright Brothers successfully developed the flying machine or aircraft with fixed wings. Wright Brothers were the first, who invented the flying aircraft with fixed-wing powered flight possible.
To successfully develop the fixed-wing aircraft, the Wright brothers worked over the principal of ‘Three-Axis Control System’. This method was remaining as a standard on fixed-wing aircraft of all kinds. For the successful invention of the Airplane, Wright Brothers collected more accurate data than before, which helped them to design the more efficient wings and propellers.
All these experiments help Wright brothers to get good mechanical skills by working for years in their Dayton, Ohio based shop. Working with Bicycle in the shop help them to learn how to balance their unstable flying propeller. After all these struggles, the shop employee Charlie Taylor, became the prominent part of their team and worked in close collaboration to invent the first Airplane Engine with the Wright Brothers.

Wright Brothers worked over the Lift Equation to invent the successful Flying Airplane;
L = k S V2 CL
Where, L = Lift in Pounds,
k = Coefficient of Air Pressure (Smeaton Coefficient),
S = Lifting Surface Total Area in Square Feet,
V = Velocity (headwind plus ground speed) in miles per hour,
CL = Coefficient of Lift (varies with wing shape).