What were Tantia Tope major contribution in India's independence?

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Tantia Tope or Tatya Tope was one of the most famous freedom fighters during the First Sepoy revolt or Independence struggle of 1857. He was the son of Pandurang Rao (noble in the court of Maratha Peshwa Bajirao II) and a close friend of Nana Saheb (Peshwa's adopted son)

His contributions to the Indian struggle for independence in 1857:

  • He was a master of 'guerilla warfare' art of fighting. 
  • He rebelled actively in Kanpur for the struggle and then became an assistant to the Queen of Jhansi -Rani Laxmibai during the war at Gwalior
  • During 1857, he captured Kanpur to establish Nana Saheb's rule there.
  • During his stay at Gwalior, the ruler Raja Man Singh betrayed his trust and handed him over to the British. He was killed in April, 1857.