Why am I being blinded by bright lights? Can I replace my headlights with brighter ones?

Asked 30-Jul-2018
Updated 24-Aug-2023
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Why am I being blinded by bright lights? Can I replace my headlights with brighter ones?

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If you are facing blindness while driving due to the bright lights is due to some factors we are discussing here.

  1.  Light coming from the front who has bright headlights :  Sometimes in the night it is necessary to switch on the light for safety purposes but the person who is coming from another side might face the problem because the light directly come to there face. So here you can do this :

           Now a days some cars have technology like the dimming of rearview mirror which help it to reduce the glare from headlight.  

Second thing you can shift the gaze, slightly shift the gaze for avoiding the direct lighting coming to the right side of the road.

2. Proper Alignment :  So alignment can cause this situation if the vehicles does not have the proper headlight fitting or alignment they might shine…

3. Headlight is not in good condition:  So there is a chance of getting some dust particles spread over the headlight or due to not regular cleaning some mist can spread. So regular clean the headlights and do it properly.

4. Upgradation: If you need just upgrade the headlight and keep looking for the best products like LED quality..

5. Consider Adaptive Headlights: Some vehicles are equipped with adaptive headlights that automatically adjust the beam pattern based on your speed and steering. These can help minimize glare for oncoming drivers.

6. Consult a Professional: If you have tried various solutions and continue to experience issues with glare or visibility, it is advisable to consult a professional mechanic or automotive specialist for a thorough diagnosis and resolution.