Is Kiara Advani the worst ever Bollywood actress?

Asked 22-Jul-2018
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Kiara Advani is a Bollywood actress who has been savoring success and popularity since movies like Kabir Singh and MS Dhoni. Due to her beauty and style of speaking, she is at this stage today, but if we talk about serious acting, then Madam has not played a great role till date. She is just another version of Katrina Kaif who is beauty without brains.

Kiara Advani should learn acting and should be determined that she can also play some serious characters and not to gimmick by singing nonsense. There is also one thing that the hands of actors like Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar are behind them, so they are not going to have any problem in establishing in Bollywood, then acting must come in order to survive.

Why even to comment on any one time wonder like Kiara Advani because she is in the news for her absurd photoshoots.....oh please ! need to introspect on this subject matter. If Kiara Advani get's critics choice award then only we can take her seriously rest she is the worst Bollywood actress ever.