Is Dhoom 3 better than 3 Idiots or Taree Zameen Par?

Asked 22-Jul-2018
Updated 24-Aug-2023
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The answer is quite difficult because these three films have different story, Like Tare Zameen par is the Movie where a child is suffering from Dilaxea, which means he is unable to read and write in comparison to other students and Amir Khan who is Teacher in boarding school when comes to know about this he is totally uncomfortable because he is also the student who faced this.

He told to everyone not to focus on ishans Mistake just leave him alone. At last Ishan is Totally changed with the help of his teacher and he won the best oil painting award.

Secondly, 3 Idiots its a movie of all time, Like Life is race you have to run fast otherwise you will fail thats the main key point. The director potrayed a beautiful direction on rencho (Amir Khan) who is totally different from others. He believes That dont Go behind Success Just follow your passion Success will accept you . So basically 3 idiots shows you the pressure of engineering but how to avoid this the second half has the story.

Dhoom 3 its a movie where amir khan is a rober something like we saw in part 1 and 2. So basically these films has different scenerios. Its a audience point of view how they watched and how they feel.