Which are the major dialects of Punjabi language?

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Punjabi is a lovely state, and Punjabi is a wonderful language and it is this variation that gives it so intriguing and distinctive.

Which are the major dialects of Punjabi language?

Even though Punjabi is India's 11th most commonly used language, it has increased in number as a distinct language in various nations where Punjabis have moved. The impact of our native tongue can be observed in nations like Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and even the United States.  People from all over the globe contribute a variety of accents and variants to the language.

Majhi is among the most widely spoken Punjabi dialects, with a stronghold in the historical area of Majha. Gurdaspur, Lahore, Wazirabad, Amritsar, Sheikhupura, and more cities are included in this area.

Malwi Punjabi is found not just in Punjab's southern and central areas, but also in Haryana's northern parts. Moga, Ludhiana, Bathinda, Ambala, Mansa, Sangrur, and Panchkula are the important cities.

The word 'Doabi' comes from the phrase 'the country between the two rivers,' and the rivers in question are the Beas and the Sutlej. The districts of Navashehar, Jalandhar, and Hoshiarpur make up this area.

The Shahpuri dialect, also known as the Sargodha dialect, gets its name from the Shapuri area. Shahpuri is considered to be one of the loveliest Punjabi languages.

Even though the language is predominantly spoken in Pakistan's Punjab province, it may also be found in the dialects of Kharar, Morinda, Samrala, and Rajpura. So, the next time you see a Pakistani drama or show that uses the nicest conceivable language, it's most likely Potohari.