Who is or was the best Minister of Labour and Employment, and why?

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*Minister of Labour and Employment*

Who is or was the best Minister of Labour and Employment, and why?

Work Minister Moses Y. Kollie has guaranteed that his organization will enroll and convey qualified Labor Inspectors all through the nation. He has been affirmed by the Senate.

He said if the Ministry should completely actualize the Decent Work Act of 2015, it needs qualified auditors and Labor Solicitors to help specialists who may look for equity, however, does not have the way to support them (representatives) in court.

"We have planned to have Labor Solicitors and Inspectors to be prepared and proficient to adequately screen all working environments in Liberia. Work Inspectors are the diplomats of the Ministry of Labor and we will organization suitable measures in ensuring that they are regarded and are noble," Minister Kollie included.

Talking further, Minister Kollie included that the Ministry of Labor is the bedrock of the country with regards to the business circumstance in Liberia and all things considered, his need will be to build up the National Tripartite Council (NTC) and Minimum Wage Board in accordance with the Decent Work Act of 2015.

"We know that the desires for the significant on-screen characters in the Labor segment, particularly the specialists, are high similarly as the director of Labor in the 54th National Legislature properly expressed. In the working environment, representatives are required to have a generously compensated wage and advantages in this way, we expect to enhance those things," he said.

Priest Kollie included that his organization will set up a database on the issuance of outsider work allows and also to make a site of the Ministry of Labor to empower individuals to get some thought on the new Labor law of Liberia and different workings of the Ministry to guarantee consistency with the framework.

Assuming control over the Ministry on Tuesday, Minister Kollie utilized the event to empower bosses through the Liberia Chamber of Commerce (LCC) to regularize the status of their outsider laborers and that in doing as such the Ministry expects a full exposure of the business records of workers.

He said his organization will sit with the administration of different business parts and networks to have a few discussions on the most ideal approach to move the nation's Labor areas forward.

The Labor Minister has in the meantime given all businesses and work organizations working in Liberia up to March 31, 2018, to regularize the status of all non-Liberians in their utilize.

He said promptly after March 31, 2018, an uncommon team from the Ministry of Labor will be sent in the field to recognize non-Liberians working in the nation without work licenses, taking note of that there are laws which enable the MOL to direct such a review.

In the interim, the function was seen by a few previous and current authorities of government, officials of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), the executive of Senate Committee on Labor, the Liberia Labor Congress (LLC), Liberia Chamber Commerce (LCC) and relatives, among others.