How can we Eradicate Poverty from our Country?

Asked 18-May-2018
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    Listing down the ways through which poverty in our country could be eradicated:

  •  Encouraging small-scale industries / creating opportunities for living.
  • Controlling population by strict rules ( as in China / no more than 2 children ) and also securing our borders to prevent illegal immigration which adds to our burden. 
  •  Spreading literacy and ensuring a common curriculum for ALL schools where ALL children irrespective of their backgrounds, caste religion etc. are being sent.
    How can we Eradicate Poverty from our Country?

    • Providing ways to do business with ease and few restrictions. 

    • Encouraging small savings by making attractive investment offers.
    • Removing the evil called RESERVATION altogether and offering free education instead to those who are unable to afford it.
    • The existence of a strong judicial system to ensure that the law of the land reigns supreme, thereby creating a conducive environment towards development.
    • Ensuring good infrastructural development to ensure progress.

    How can we Eradicate Poverty from our Country?

    • Getting our Health sector to become more proactive, not only good hospitals but also by checks and inspection on all the foodstuffs be it a product of a factory or cultivated on a farm.
    •  Encouraging the growth of Agriculture by providing a helping hand to the farmers right from quality seeds ( drip irrigation ) to selling the produce & encouraging exports.

    Encouraging tourism by ensuring our natural resources are engaged in a fruitful way. Goa has taken a lead in this respect, we have Desert, Snow laden peaks, beautiful beaches/rivers and history to boot !! This will take our nation forward to achieve this goal. Each state has a charm of its own including the language and variety of spicy food.