Was Padmavat better than Bajirao Mastani?

Asked 12-Mar-2018
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“First of all both the movies were exceptionally amazing and it felt like a treat to such movie”

Padmaavat trumps Bajirao Mastani any day. Bajirao Mastani was based on the life of a ruler-warrior and his second wife. Sanjay Leela Bhansali took these two facts and twisted them according to his will , wish and imagination. Bajirao, being still married to a wonderful woman, has no second thought before falling in love with Mastaani without the slightest bit of self-doubt or hesitation is all for getting involved with a married man because Hey! "Mohabbat!".

Was Padmavat better than Bajirao Mastani?

Bajirao's wife, Kashibai, dedicates her entire life to him, fulfills her duties as his wife, queen and the mother of his child, prays for his safety, celebrates his victories and most importantly, trusts him implicitly but what does she get in return? Her husband bringing home another woman and declaring her, his soulmate because Hey! "Mohabbat!".
But that is ok as long as he orally assures her that she is just as special to him as Mastani. Like this assurance will make up for everything he put her through. Mastani, on the other hand, KNOWINGLY gets involved with a married man.

Was Padmavat better than Bajirao Mastani?

Now, I am all for woman empowerment and stuff but nothing can be as despicable as being the other woman in a man's life, KNOWINGLY. There is nothing glorious about it. It is hard to imagine what pleasure she got from robbing Kashibai off her happiness.

But no. She does not spare a thought about how much his wife will suffer because of this quest for love that she undertook. She was selfish and stubborn. She loved him and had to have him. So what if he is married? So what if it greatly wronged a woman whom she had not even met, who has done no wrong to her? "Mohabbat!" is pervasive after all.
Was Padmavat better than Bajirao Mastani?

To me, Kashibai will always be the real winner of that movie. That graceful woman whose spirit was broken by two selfish people did not do anything to deserve all the nonsense that she was put through because her husband and his alleged soulmate were gripped by "Mohabbat". A part of her dies with Bajirao's betrayal but she picks up her broken pieces and survives for the sake of her children. She even treats Mastani with respect and saves her life when in danger because it is the right thing to do.

She painfully accepts the other woman in her home knowing that it is the only thing that will make her husband happy, thereby, placing him above her inspite of his betrayal. The director portrayed India's greatest warrior as a lovesick Romeo and his lawfully wedded wife as a man-stealer because Hey! "Mohabbat!"
Padmaavat, on the other hand, is a courageous story of how a queen chooses to die to be faithful to her husband rather than being forced to live as a monster's slave.

"So as I said both the movie is a treat to watch"