What are your top three favorite TV shows?

Asked 12-Mar-2018
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I have been watching a lot of TV shows lately so it’s hard to narrow them down, but off the top of my head :

The Big Bang Theory:
What are your top three favorite TV shows?

I love their sense of humor, the awkward relationships, Penny’s wit, Sheldon’s obliviousness, Leonard’s frustration and Raj’s inability to speak to girls unless drunk. Even Howard’s desperation is more funny than creepy!

What are your top three favorite TV shows?

I love legal drama. I’d liked Suits until the point it became all drama and almost no legal. This show stars Michael Weatherly (who I’d loved in NCIS too!) as Dr Jason Bull. He runs a trial consulting firm where they use scientifically pick out a jury and use mirror jurors to predict reactions of the actual jury. Mirror jurors are people they hire for the course of the trial and each of them is very similar to someone on the actual jury. The courtroom parts are brilliant but so are the ones outside!

Veronica Mars:
What are your top three favorite TV shows?

This was a surprise for me too, because I rarely watch the full TV series. I’m bored after the first few episodes or maybe the first season. This had me hooked and I saw all the seasons AND the movie that followed it!
Veronica is a high school student (college student in the last season) who helps her father , a PI on his cases. There is one big mystery every season which gets solved in the last episode, but there are smaller cases as well and she solves one in each episode.

I loved how Kristen Bell played the role and was very happy they made her into such a strong character. Plus her romance with Logan (played by Jason Dohring) kept me at the edge of my seat! I was so happy when they ended up together! *takes a moment off to fangirl