How do I print Unicode of your full name?

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How do I print Unicode of your full name?

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Unicode is new ideas to setting up character format to binary code. Unicode is a ‘universal international’ standard character encoding format that is used to represent unique number of every character. It is a powerful universal code for interchanging, processing and displaying the written character in numerical format. It is also used to find the Unicode value of any special symbol.
Unicode format provide a unique value of every character, and it also resolve the problem of platform in dependencies. In java & other programming language the Unicode value for Uppercase is (65-90) & for Lowercase(97-122).
How do I print Unicode of your full name?
Find the Unicode of any String:
import java.util.*;
public class DisplayUnicode{
     public static void main(String []args){
         Scanner scanner = new Scanner(;
         System.out.println('Enter Your Name…');
          String name=scanner.nextLine();
       // String name='Hello';
         for(int i=0;i<name.length();i++)