What does social media give our nation?

Asked 11-Mar-2018
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Social media platform has offered a lot of things to our nation and from last decade social media platforms has become the mainstream way of communication. List of things which social media give to our nation are:

What does social media give our nation?

Social media platforms has eradicated the distance between folks as with the various modes of social media an individual can communicate with a person or a group of people living in any corner of world. Social media has increased the connectivity among people as social media platforms offers so many features like live modes, chat box, video calls and various other things through people get connected virtually at least.

Freedom of Expression
What does social media give our nation?

Social media is a great platform where people feel free to express themselves with their ideas, thoughts, opinion and intellect. Through social media people conjointly raise several issues which are in society in front of several bodies associated with it. Each and every person is free to express himself as there are no such boundaries in social media.

Marketing & Exposure
What does social media give our nation?

Form the last few years social media marketing have become the mainstream way for marketing of any product and services. Giant Corporations targets a mass number of people from social media platforms and appeal for their products.

Social media marketing has now become the foremost way for the marketers and organizations to endorse their products and service. Social media networks like Facebook, Instagram and twitter offers a great exposure as there are billions of active users who spend hours on such platforms.