Where is the server of Google?

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Google developed the majority of the software stack that runs on their servers. C++, Java, Python, and Go, according to a well-known Google employee, are preferred over other programming languages.

The backend of Gmail, for example, is written in Java, while the backend of Google Search is written in C++. Python has played a major part in Google's system from its inception, and it continues to do so as the system expands and improves.

The Google infrastructure is powered by the following software:

1.Google Web Server (GWS): — Google's online services run on a bespoke Linux-based Web server.

2.Storage options:
  • Google File Manager and Colossus, its sequel
  • Bigtable - it is a structured storage system based on GFS/Colossus.
  • Spanner - a planet-scale database that supports distributed transactions that are externally consistent.
  • Google F1 - a distributed, quasi-SQL DBMS based on Spanner, using a bespoke version of MySQL in place of Spanner.

3. Service for chubby locks.

4. The programming languages MapReduce and Sawzall.

5. Search and indexing systems:

  • TeraGoogle - Google's massive search index, 
  • Caffeine – indexing system that is constantly updated.
  • Hummingbird - substantial update to the search index, incorporating complicated search and voice search.

6. Software for declarative process scheduling via Borg.

Google has created a number of abstractions that it utilizes to store the majority of its data:

  • Protocol Buffers - Google's data lingua franca, a binary serialization standard widely utilized throughout the organization.
  • SS Table - a persistent, ordered immutable key-value map, where both keys and values are arbitrary byte strings. It's also utilized as one of Bigtable's construction blocks.
  • Record IO — a succession of records of varying sizes.