What is the right approach to Java programming?

Asked 08-Mar-2018
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"Best Approach to learning Java Program"

      • If you want to learn java program these are some right approach are as follows-
        Step 1: First of all, install Java and Eclipse IDE
        Steps for install Java
        - Go to Java Download Page
        - Click on Download "JDK" and install it.
        Steps for install Eclipse
        - Download "Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers"
        Step 2: Learn all concept of Java Fundamentals
        Step 3: Read Some Good Books for Java Programming
        Step 4: Create a Simple Java Program using Your Knowledge

        Try some logic question like this-
        •  Print Your Name
        •  Calculator Program
        • Find factorial of a number.
        •  Create a Fibonacci series.
        •  Find all prime numbers between 1 to 1000
        •  The print number in a word (e.g. 123 = One Hundred Twenty Three)
        Try file input/output operations like
        • Read a file and display its content on screen or console.
        • Count List of all files in a directory.
        •  Open any file with reading and write mode and add some content.
        •  Read input from the user on console.
        Try String manipulation Logical question like-
        • Find a string in the large text.
        •  Reverse any string.
        • Replace a part of a string
        • Parse numbers from strings
        •  Count Number of words, space in an input string

        Step 5: Continue Learning Java Program and keep up with the Latest Trends