How can I meet God?

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It has been said in Geeta that "Like all water streams display on earth, the different however they show up, all proliferate towards their last goal OCEAN. After achieving the Ocean completely steady and outright in itself from all headings, all streams lose their character and get consumed by the Ocean, without bothering it turning into the same in all regards with Ocean in totality", same similarity has been said as far as Soul and Supreme Soul. The different that a Soul goes in different structures ways can be corresponded with the various streams.  

How can I meet God?

A thought has been recommended by Swami Vivekanand in this milieu of Journey and Goal that the shared objective of every living element is to get solidness and interminable euphoria, that state can be achieved by achieving the Supreme Soul as it were. The appraisal of objective is an unpredictable procedure as stipulated in past passage of water and streams similarity. It is conceivable when the element begins advancing towards interminable Love, evacuating every one of the impediments of hallucination and connections. In the way to accomplish that incomparable state it itself accomplishes that level of awareness, which in itself is the embodiment of preeminent cognizance lastly gets ONE with the incomparable cognizance for time everlasting.
How can I meet God?
Individual at first with no uncertainty trusts that he and Supreme Being are two unique substances, the minute an association is created between two creatures either by methods for adoration or commitment or as methods for achieving information, at exactly that point the person begins to advance towards the wellspring of vast ecstasy. It is obvious from the life of a person that who so ever he experiences throughout everyday life, He himself turns into that, so unquestionably there is full possibility on the off chance that he tries to meet God, he will prevail to meet him and all the while; there lies the conviction of his divination as well.

Amid the way to understand reality, the Being understands that there is an everlasting association between the two, however because of figment of Me, Me and Me and the related complimentary gifts of desire, outrage, connection, avarice, begrudge, ill will the association gets obscured and just thing that is left is to satisfy the requirements and eagerness. This stuff of Ego beguiles the being and in the long run he dives into abysses of unending procedure of "To Retrieve and To Deliver".

Extreme truth that he understands at last is that this procedure is a cyclic procedure; the total adventure is a roundabout one, navigating along the fringe of an entire huge circle. The obstacles that were once remaining in type of Ego and its related arsenals had been overcome. Indubitably he has achieved the underlying purpose of roundabout excursion, yet his vision is gone with learning of Truth and Bliss Infinite. His questions had been vindicated; plainly he recognizes the distinction amongst Illusion and Reality.
He prominently now understands that the adventure has achieved the goal; from where he sees that the information, known and knower are One and the Same. The unification of Devotee, Devotion and Devoted OR the Lover, Love and the Loved One all are the same.