What are the weirdest animals ever?

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Cymothoa exigua, or the tongue-eating louse.
Strange facts concerning the tongue-eating louse
What are the weirdest animals ever?

  • These creatures will sleep in depth, go between a pair of to seven meters below the water.
  • you may notice these creatures in abundance in and round the Gulf of metropolis in Ecuador.
  • These parasites feature a white, metameric body and therefore the length vary between three and five cm. The dimension in females is around one in. whereas the males square measure sometimes zero.28 inches broad.
  • it's assumed that the parasites get within the body of the Fish-host through its gills
  • to date over forty species of fishes has been found to attack by these parasites.
  • These parasites is categorised into eight sub-categories as per the looks and options.
  •  the feminine parasites stick with the tongue of the host whereas the males sometimes hold the gill arches, trailing behind the females.
  • once establishing itself within the host body, the parasites start consumption of the blood from the tongue of the host and persevere growing larger bit by bit.
  • The parasite eventually the replace the tongue of the host with itself, attaching its body to the tongue muscles.
  • to date, it's the sole parasite better-known that replaces the organ of the host.

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