Does God answer prayers?

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BELIEF is a strong term- depicts our inner self and our thought process. Many people consider that God has something to do with our day to day actions. It’s not true. Because even if you have the strongest belief of God, you must be knowing that God cannot determine or direct our actions- it is totally dependent on US. God only controls what we get after performing certain actions; which is also known as Karma by many. Karma is God’s way of telling that don’t be afraid of doing your activities because they are under your control- be willing to bear the results of your actions.

Does God answer prayers?

And this brings us to the question whether God answers our prayers or not. If you have a belief that God is the supreme power controlling your actions then you will ask him for something.

  • For example, you haven’t studied well for the exams and are awaiting results…you will pray to God for good results. But can any power control that action which you have already performed in the past? No!
  • Also, another example is of death- whenever a loved one is in a critical condition we pray to God for his betterment; of course it’s one of the most pure things. You can pray to God with your own conscience but you cannot remove what resides in that person’s Karma or Destiny.
 Therefore, if you consider God as a living entity controlling all of us from somewhere above then you will surely expect him to answer whenever you call his name. 
But if you consider God as a higher and more enlightened version of your own self you will understand that God is nothing but the phenomenon of our truest, most realistic, purest and enlightened self. If we improve our actions we will definitely improve our results. And besides that chanting God’s name in pleasure and pain, gives us happiness. It has nothing to do with giving or taking something- it is unconditional and non-materialistic. God isn’t some higher authority above you; it is your own Conscience.  For understanding and chanting God's name, understand your own self first. 
Does God answer prayers?

'God meets daily needs daily, not weekly or annually. He will give what you need and exactly when it is needed'- Max Lucado