Is it worth to watch Black Panther movie?

Asked 21-Feb-2018
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Is it worth…? Yes, it definitely is worth watching I mean how someone can think of ignoring a marvel movie.

Is it worth to watch Black Panther movie?

I watched it on previous Sunday and just like any other Marvel movie it was exceptionally seraphic to watch Black Panther.  

Well, earlier we had a glimpse of “Black Panther” in the Captain America: Civil War and though I was thinking that is  Marvel Studios going to come with another superhero in separate series and with this release they confirmed and added one more extraordinary Superhero.

Is it worth to watch Black Panther movie?

The character Black Panther was liked by the audience when he has been introduced in front of the audience in Captain America: Civil War. 

Coming to the movie it’s exceptionally good, it i filled with extraordinary actions sequences, strong appealing characters, technology and the background score will make you fall for it. I am not going to reveal you the story but you may get a feel of Thor as the Black Panther is also from a different planet named Wakanda.

Is it worth to watch Black Panther movie?

A planet which is rich in “Vibranium” metal which is considered as an exceptional metal in Marvel Movies. The character of Black Panther is strong and restless inspired by his Dad he becomes the King Wakanda and saves his planet from negative sources who try to invade his planet from outside.

Is it worth to watch Black Panther movie?

No, doubt movie is awesome but the only flaw I found that the origin story of Black Panther was not as that good as compared to other Marvel characters such as Captain America Iron Man, and Hulk etc.

Is it worth to watch Black Panther movie?

The most lovable part was the exceptional action scenes and conversation between Black Panther and her sister which was full of Sarcasm. Black Panther has lot more to offer in the upcoming Avengers: infinity War as it will be a pleasure to watch him standing with the Avengers

It’s a must watch and you will definitely come out of theaters with a nice feel after watching it....!

I am also the fan of Marvel series, but it's my bad luck because still, I didn't get time to watch it. But I am planning to see Black Panther this week : ) - Anonymous User21-Feb-2018