Youtube new monetization policy 2018.

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The "monetization Policy of YouTube has got a slight change in the year 2018" and changes which are been made in are integral and necessary. Well, the change in the policy will not affect the trending users but it will directly affect the small creators who are beginners or don’t have enough number of subscribers and fan base. 

Youtube new monetization policy 2018

The most important change from the new YouTube monetization policy which will affect the small creators are as follows:

A YouTuber should have at least 1000 subscriber to place AdSense on his channel
Yes, you read it right YouTube has made it mandatory that a creator who uploads videos on YouTube should have at least 1000 subscribers on his particular channel to add monetization on his channels.

Earlier the figure of subscriber was not a mandatory thing to monetize your YouTube channel and a creator was free to upload videos and earn revenue if his uploaded were getting views on his videos. But now a creator will have to work hard add AdSense on his channel.

Youtube new monetization policy 2018

For monetizing a channel a creator videos must have total watch time of 4000 hours within 12 months
Now, this is a problem for those creators who used to post to short videos on YouTube. Earlier a creator was been supposed to fill their YouTube dashboard with overall 10,000 views and were eligible for monetizing their channel.

But now with this change, the creators will get affected especially the beginners will be affected the most as it will take a lot of time to cover up the time duration of 4000 hours which is the only key for them to monetizing their channel.

These changes can affect many of the new creators but it according to YouTube officials the change was necessary to make as it was affecting the company in indirect ways.

So, just like always quality content is the source to become a top YouTuber and apart from Google AdSense there are other sources of revenue generation such as affiliates so all a creator needs to do is focus on his content he is going to upload.

"hope you found this helpful"