What are the features of Salesforce Einstein?

Asked 16-Feb-2018
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Salesforce enforces that it would be inspiring all of its popular software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms with intelligent Einstein feature advanced the brand was announced at Dreamforce in 2016. Now, over two years on, customers are starting to see Salesforce roll these features out.

Some of the Salesforce Einstein features of the lightning experience version are as below:

  • Einstein Analytics, the New Name for Wave Analytics
  • Einstein Discovery: Better Answers, Explanations, and Recommendations
  • Trailhead: Einstein Discovery Basics
  • Einstein Search Dictionaries (Beta): Better Search Results for Shoppers
  • Trailhead: Learn About Commerce Cloud Einstein
  • Einstein Language (Beta): Build Natural Language Processing into Your Apps
  • Einstein Vision: Multi-Label Models, Model Feedback, and Global Datasets
  • Trailhead: Einstein Vision Quick Start
  • Trailhead: Build a Cat Rescue App that Recognizes Cat Breeds
  • Trailhead: Einstein Intent API Basics
  • Einstein Lead Scoring: Salesforce Classic Availability and Improved Setup
  • Einstein Automated Contacts: New Automated Options and Reporting
  • Einstein Activity Capture: Support for Microsoft® Exchange and More Salesforce Records
  • Sales Cloud Einstein Analytics: Enjoy More Dashboards and New Names