What is Salesforce Einstein?

Asked 16-Feb-2018
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Salesforce having the AI (Artificial Intelligence) and predictive capabilities for its cloud CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, as a service product over its Einstein brand.

On launching of Salesforce Einstein, the general managerJohn Ball” of Einstein, said that “All we see [Einstein] will power the AI across all of our clouds and many features of Einstein are coming. We will release at least three features in a Year and Einstein will give the power of each and every release from now, that is starting with the winter release in October.”

Einstein prices are not clear, some of the features are included with the existing cloud licenses and editions, some of the features are coming with the Premium. Each and every feature prices will be known once it is made generally available, but excepting Community Cloud, Commerce Cloud and Analytics Cloud Capabilities, that are included in existing licenses.

From the last two years, Salesforce has been working with Einstein, and spending more than $4 billion on Artificial Intelligence, for example, MetaMind, RelateIQ and BeyondCore and building a team of 175 data scientists along the way.

Salesforce Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the only as powerful as the data which powers it, but Salesforce has enough of that, training Einstein predictive models on a range of data collected by-products of Salesforce. It includes activity data, customer data, from Chatter, calendar, email and e-commerce information, social data streams and even IoT signals. Einstein will continue to adapt to changing user behavior as data comes into the cloud platform.

For the App Cloud User Salesforce is also opening up Einstein capabilities and for developers, bringing AI features, like predictive or suggested actions, into new or existing apps.

At the time of launching John Ball told that: "Part of the vision and reality today is that Einstein is baked deep into the customer success platform, so taking and configuring and extending existing apps with Einstein fields and partners building on the customer success platform means Einstein will make all apps smarter, including those on the exchange."