What are the Salesforce Winter'18 features?

Asked 09-Feb-2018
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Some of the Winter’18 features of the lightning experience version are as below:

  • New Launch Experience for Salesforce Optimizer.
  • The Lightning Experience Readiness for Checking Got a Promotion.
  • Lightning Experience extends the experience with a New Look and Feel.
  • Lightning Console Apps are added Favorites and Customized Navigation.
  • Favorites will open in a New Browser Tab.
  • Using Keyboard Shortcuts can Navigate More Quickly.
  • Using managed packages are used to install Lightning Apps to add Tabs.
  • Salesforce for Outlook: Critical Upgrade Required, Next-Generation Products Available.
  • Lightning for Outlook is a Time-Saving Features and New Insights.
  • In the New Trailblazer Community included the Connect, Learn, and Blaze Trails Together.
  • Lightning Sync for Google for the required change to the Lightning Sync Setup, Two-Way Event Sync, and Support for More Licenses.
  • Lightning Sync for Microsoft Exchange is Setups the Service for the Cloud and Force.com Users.
  • Salesforce Einstein is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) built into the Salesforce platform, and the Intelligence of Salesforce delivers the advanced AI capabilities to Sales, Marketing, Services and enables anyone to use click or code to build AI-powered apps that get smarter with every interaction.
  • Lightning for Gmail is a Time-Saving Features and New Insights.