How to Encrypt from the Command Line of Salesforce Data Loader?

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How to Encrypt from the Command Line of Salesforce Data Loader?

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Salesforce provides the facility for encryption. This facility is available in both the versions Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience, and the editions are Developer, Enterprise, Unlimited, Performance, and

Note, that the Data Loader of the command-line interface is only supported for Windows only.

At the time of running Data Loader in a batch mode from the command line, then it is just to encrypt the following configuration parameters:

  • sfdc.password
  • sfdc.proxyPassword

To secure the passwords to the Data Loader offers an encryption utility that is specified in configuration files. This utility has been used to encrypt passwords, but the transmitted data using Data Loader is not encrypted.
  1. Run \bin\encrypt.bat.
  2. Follow the prompts from the command line to execute the following actions:
  • Generate a key
The generated key displays on the screen with the text we provided. Now, copy the key text carefully on to a key file, without any leading or trailing spaces. Now, this key file is ready to be used for the encryption and decryption.

  • Encrypt text
The encrypted version of a password is generated. Optionally, we can provide a key file for the password encryption. If you are using the configuration file, then make sure, it is an encrypted text and it is copied precisely and the key file is mentioned.

  • Verify the Encrypted Text
The Encrypted and Decrypted versions of a password, will verify whether the encrypted password is provided matches its decrypted version, and after the success or failure message will be print on to the command line.