How to use Salesforce Data Loader?

Asked 07-Feb-2018
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Salesforce Data Loader is used for the bulk import or export of data. It is a client application and it is used to insert, update, delete, or export Salesforce records.

At the time of importing data, the Data Loader Reads, Extracts and Loads the data from comma (,) separated values (CSV) files or from a database connection. And At the time of exporting data, its output displays in CSV files.

We can use Salesforce Data Loader in Two Ways:

1. By using User Interface:

Whenever we use the user interface, we work interactively to specify the configuration parameters, and the CSV files used for import and export, and the field mappings which is used to map the field names in your import file with the field names in Salesforce.

2. By using Command Line:

Whenever we use the command line, we specify the configuration, mappings, data sources, and actions in files. Command Line enables us to set up Data Loader for automated processing.