Which is the best climate/weather for your skin?

Asked 26-Jan-2018
Updated 27-Jan-2018
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Each and every person have a different type of skin you may have seen that many people have oily skin, some have rough, some have dry skins. So actually there is no ideal or significant climate for skin which is best.

Which is the best climate/weather for your skin?

Skin is the first thing in the human body which gets affected by the weather as it’s the layer of defense in the human body.Skin work as preamble barrier which filters the beneficiary moisture and nutrients absorb it and restrict away bad irrelevant particles. But those filtration works when human skin is able to maintain a proper level of moisture and natural oils.  

So there is no actual climate for having perfect skin in each and every climate the skin needs to be cared for with natural and cosmetic product.
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