Top 5 coldest cities in the world

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There are few countries on the Earth which experiences drop in temperature to a great extreme.
Top 5 coldest cities in the world
Astana, Kazakhstan : Average January temperature - 6.4 F/ -14.2 C.
Winters in Astana are long, dry and extremely cold. Extreme lows of -61F/ -51.5 C have been recorded here. Most years, rivers in this place remains frozen over from mid-November to early April making it one of the coldest place in the world.
International Falls, Minnesota, United States : Average January temperature 4.4 F/-15 C.
The northern Minnesotan city is named as "The Icebox of the Nation," with record lows of -55 F / -48C and an average seasonal snowfall of 71.6 inches.
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia : Average January temperature 11.2 F/-24.6 C
Resting 4,430 feet above sea level on the edge of the Steppes of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar is regarded as the world's coldest national capital. This place experiences extreme season with recorded summer highs of 102 F/ 39 C; however, plunging lows of -44 F/ -42 C during the long winter months give Ulaanbaatar an average annual mean temperature that hovers just below freezing.
Barrow, United States : Average January temperature 13 F/-25 C
This place is located above the Arctic Circle in Alaska. Barrow is the northernmost city in the US.
For 65 days each year the sun remains below the horizon, while on average, only 120 days of the year experience high temperature that are above freezing.
Top 5 coldest cities in the world
Yellowknife, Canada : Average January temperature- 18.2 F/-27.9 C 
Yellowknife is the coldest throughout the year, it has the extreme cold winters.
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